Branded reports

The “Branded Report” gives you the option of customizing the design and the contact address stored in the reports.

What possibilities does the Branded Report offer?

The aim is to automatically send the companies recognized by LeadLab and to give the recipients the opportunity to contact you directly as the sender of the report if they have any queries. In addition, the individual CI increases a consistent perception of your company brand among recipients.

Configuring the Style menu changes the design in the reports as well as in the lead reports!

Branded Reports Guide

The “Branded Reports” module allows you to change the design and contact information of the reports and emails sent from your account.

How do I activate the module?

The module must be activated via wiredminds support. As soon as it has been contractually agreed that the module can be released for you, you can have the module activated via Support. You will then find the corresponding setting options under Configuration -> Menu -> Style.

The Style menu

You can enter your logo and the desired contact details in the Style menu. Please note the specified max. and min. sizes for the logos, which are best uploaded in *.png format.

Logo 1 header for the lead report
(min/max height 45/65px, min/max width 45/260px)

Logo 2 for the standard report
(min/max height 65/65px, min/max width 630/630px)

Primary and secondary color

Assign colors according to your CI to provide the reports with your branding. The primary color indicates background colors and the secondary color indicates fonts.

Enter your company name, telephone number and contact e-mail address to appear in the footer. Press Enter after each entry to create a corresponding “chip”. Activate the checkbox for the release for use of the data in order to be able to save the information.

At the end of the reports there is also a text that names wiredminds GmbH as the sender of the email. This text cannot be changed and its placement is for legal reasons, among others. You can download sample logos at the end of the article!