Containers allow you to combine several rules within a filter and link them to one or more other filter rules.

What are containers needed for?

Several characteristics of a website visitor are often considered important to identify a visitor as an interesting lead. (For example, a visitor can either have many clicks or a long dwell time). At the same time, however, there are requirements that are defined as a minimum in order to assess a lead as interesting. (e.g. a page was called up in the Products area) A container allows you to combine these requirements in one filter.

How do I create a container?

You can create a container within a filter using the plus symbol on the right-hand side. A container is created here that only displays visits that have not yet been tagged and have triggered more than three total visits.


We create a filter that only shows visitors with many clicks or a long dwell time. At the same time, however, all visitors must have accessed a page with a specific name (products) at least once.

(Verweildauer>30 Sek. ODER PI>5) UND Seite enthält "Produkte"

In this example, only visits that have either been on the homepage for more than 30 seconds or have clicked more than 5 times are displayed. At the same time , the visitor must have been in the products section at least once. As a result, when the filter is activated, we only see visits that fulfill the rules accordingly.