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Link Echobot with LeadLab

You have the option of creating an action link within LeadLab that takes you directly to the corresponding entries in Echobot Connect .

To be able to use Echobot, you must extend your contract accordingly. For further details please send us an email to support@wiredminds.de

You can find the menu for creating additional action links at https://leadlab.wiredminds.de/#/configuration/actionlinklab.wiredminds.de/#/configuration/actionlink. To access the menu, you must first log in!
Now you can scroll down and click on the blue plus symbol to create a new entry for an action link. Then you only need to enter the following URL, which should be called up when someone clicks on the new action button.

Insert Echobot Actionlink

You can then switch back to the company overview and find a new action button for Echobot. As soon as you want to view further information about a company, you can now do so conveniently with a single click!

To ensure that you can see the correct data directly in Echobot Connect, you must first log in with your Echobot user data.