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Marketing Report

Recommended statistics and settings for a standard marketing report

In addition to the recognized companies and their movement data, there are several statistics in LeadLab that are particularly helpful for marketing. In this article you can read how you can create such a marketing report.

Create report

You can easily create a report from any statistic by selecting the export button using the Create new report function. In the following example from the visit evaluation statistics. Then simply enter the relevant data for creating the report (email address, creation interval, etc.) and save it.

Create report from statistics

If a filter was active when a report was created from a statistic, it is automatically included in the report!

Add more statistics

To add further statistics to this report, open the desired statistics and this time select the function by clicking the export button add to report and select the corresponding report. This way you can build up a more complex Report step by step.

By creating several statistics in one report, you can have all relevant analytical data sent to you on a regular basis and observe how the visiting behavior of your website visitors is developing. For a first report, we recommend including the following statistics:

Visits per week; New companies; Pages (or URLs); Entry pages; Exit pages; Campaigns; Downloads; Search phrases (possibly also referrer)