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Reports in general

With the reporting system in Leadlab, you can automatically send data to any e-mail recipient according to your own specifications. There are 5 different variants of reports.

Report variants

In LeadLab there are several ways to send leads to any recipient by e-mail. The following reporting options are available: Reports, Lead Reports, the Send Leads function, the Lead Alert or Online Reports. Depending on how your data is to be evaluated or further processed, you can choose the most suitable variant.


Reports are the most common way of sending data to any recipient. With the “Standard” reports, you can choose between all the statistics that LeadLab offers you and have them displayed in different file formats.

Lead Reports

Lead reports are specially designed for direct presentation in emails. Lead reports are sent in HTML format and can therefore be viewed immediately without having to open a separate program (e.g. Excel). However, in contrast to the standard reports, the selection of measured values is limited here.

Send leads

With the Send leads function, you can send selected entries directly to any recipient with just a few clicks. This variant is suitable if you want to draw attention to very special leads or if you want your employees to contact you immediately.

Online Reports

Sending an online report simply generates a link through which the recipient can view the desired leads online with one click. You can set which additional data is displayed.

Lead Alert

With a lead alert, you can have leads sent to you via a specially defined trigger. For example, if a company is tracked that has viewed a certain page or reacted to a certain campaign, you will be notified immediately. This is helpful, for example, if you are waiting for a particular company to visit your website so that you know when the visitor is specifically interested in your offers.