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WZ – Codes

All industry codes can be viewed here

1Agriculture, hunting and related activities01
2Forestry and logging02
3Fisheries and aquaculture03
4Coal mining05
5Extraction of crude oil and natural gas06
6Ore mining07
7Quarrying, other mining and quarrying08
8Provision of mining and quarrying services09
9Production of food and animal feed10
10Beverage production11
11Tobacco processing12
12Manufacture of textiles13
13Manufacture of clothing14
14Manufacture of leather, leather goods and shoes15
15Manufacture of articles of wood, plaiting, basketry and cork (except furniture)16
16Manufacture of paper, cardboard and articles thereof17
17Production of printed matter; reproduction of recorded sound, image and data carriers18
18Coking plant and mineral oil processing19
19Manufacture of chemical products20
20Manufacture of pharmaceutical products21
21Manufacture of rubber and plastic goods22
22Manufacture of glass and glassware, ceramics, processing of stone and earth23
23Metal production and processing24
24Manufacture of metal products25
25Manufacture of computers, electronic and optical products26
26Manufacture of electrical equipment27
27Mechanical engineering28
28Manufacture of motor vehicles and parts29
29Other vehicle construction30
30Manufacture of furniture31
31Manufacture of other goods32
32Repair and installation of machinery and equipment33
33Energy supply35
34Water supply36
35Sewage disposal37
36Collection, treatment and disposal of waste; recovery38
37Removal of environmental pollution and other disposal39
38Building construction41
39Civil engineering42
40Preparatory construction site work, construction installation and other finishing trades43
41Sale, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles45
42Wholesale (excluding trade in motor vehicles)46
43Retail trade (excluding trade in motor vehicles)47
44Land transportation and transportation in pipelines49
47Warehousing and provision of other transportation services52
48Postal, courier and express services53
52Production, distribution and sale of films and television programs; cinemas; recording studios and music publishing59
55Provision of information technology services62
56Information services63
57Provision of financial services64
58Insurance, reinsurance and pension funds (excluding social security)65
59Activities related to financial and insurance services66
60Real estate and housing68
61Legal and tax advice, auditing69
62Administration and management of companies and businesses; business consulting70
63Architectural and engineering firms; technical, physical and chemical testing71
64Research and development72
65Advertising and market research73
66Other freelance, scientific and technical activities74
67Veterinary services75
68Rental of movable property77
69Placement and leasing of workers78
70Travel agencies, tour operators and provision of other reservation services79
71Guard and security services and detective agencies80
72Building management; gardening and landscaping81
73Provision of business services for companies and private individuals n.e.c.82
74Public administration, defense; social security84
75Education and teaching85
77Homes (excluding recreation and vacation homes)87
78Social services (excluding homes)88
79Creative, artistic and entertainment activities90
80Libraries, archives, museums, botanical and zoological gardens91
81Gaming, betting and lotteries92
82Provision of sports, entertainment and recreation services93
83Interest groups and church and other religious associations (excluding social services and sport)94
84Repair of data processing equipment and consumer goods95
85Provision of other mainly personal services96
86Private households with domestic staff97
87Production of goods and provision of services by private households for own use without a distinct focus98
88Extra-territorial organizations and corporations99