Conclusion of the ECJ ruling on the use of cookies

Since the ECJ ruling of October 1, 2019, only technically necessary cookies may be set automatically. Cookies for marketing or statistical purposes are only permitted with active consent. The user must actively consent to this via an opt-in. Preset consents are no longer permitted. You can find more information on the ECJ ruling here.

LeadLab Tracking works without cookies!

You do not need to take anything into account when setting your consent banner, as tracking with LeadLab does not set any cookies. You can find out why LeadLab does not require cookies here .

There are cookie banners that automatically list LeadLab either as a pixel tracker or under the category of cookies (e.g. Cookiebot). Here it is easier to list LeadLab under the category “technically necessary” than to try to remove the entry completely from the content banner.

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