Custom events

You can create user-defined events and thus evaluate important interactions of your website visitors in LeadLab.

What are user-defined events useful for?

If you have elements on your website that a visitor can activate, you can also create a user-defined event using these. This is helpful, for example, to be able to evaluate whether someone has clicked on a button, which selection someone has made in an online configurator or who has watched a particular video.

How do I create a user-defined event?

By including the following script line, you can create any event:


This script would lead to the following result in LeadLab:

Example user-defined event

Where do I place the script on my website?

You can integrate the script into your page at any point. In most cases, this is included in the <Head> area. Of course also within any Java Script events or functions.

Here you will find a sample file for creating user-defined events. Make sure that for a test Use your tracking account ID !