Why is my condition not working?
If you have created a condition and it does not work, please check the following steps:
* Is the correct license key entered in the Licenses menu?
* Is the IP2Content setting activated under Settings?
* Is the condition active?
* Is the correct shortcode of the condition in the page 
* Are you testing the site as NOT an administrator? As an administrator, the conditions are not triggered so that your requests are not consumed unnecessarily. However, if you use the additional values for test conditions, this will only work if you are logged in as an administrator.
Is the use of IP2C data protection compliant?
Yes, the use of IP2C is data protection compliant. No cookies are set for the functions, nor is any personal data processed.
Why are two tokens used for one request?
You have activated both the company ID and the IP2C queries in the settings. Retrieving a company name is one request, retrieving a condition is another. If you do not need the company identification, you can deactivate it in the settings. After that, only one request is used per visit.
Where does the data for IP2C come from?
The data is supplied by WiredMinds GmbH. WiredMinds has been working in the field of web analytics and company identification for over 20 years.

Test conditions

How can I test a condition?
Most conditions can be tested by adding them to the URL. You can use the following parameters if you append a question mark to the URL:
branch_code = branch
name = company name
size_class = company size
country_code = country;
zip_code = Postal code
domain = Domain;
revenue_class = revenue class

A query could therefore look like this: “https://meineSeite.de?test-page country_code=en
In this case, the recognized companies from Germany would be identified.
Important: the test version only works if you are logged in as administrator, so that other visitors cannot trigger the functions.
Can several attributes be linked in a test?
Yes, this works with an ampersand (&) in the URL. 

A query could therefore look like this: “https://meineSeite.de/test-page?branch_code=02.10.1&country_code=de&zip_code=76000”.
In this case, the following attributes would be simulated:
Industry code = 02.10.1;
Country= Germany;
Postal code = 76000.
In what form must the industry codes be entered?
Either the first digit 01, 02, 03… or the first two digits can be entered. 11, 12, 13 …


According to which attributes can I differentiate in IP2C?
The following attributes can be used to exchange content. Company name, sector, company size, turnover class, UTM parameters, country, zip code, company name, company domain.
How can I set which sectors I want to filter?
You can enter an industry code yourself by selecting “Custom” for the industry attribute. You can then save one or more WZ codes (always just the first one or the first two digits) You can view a list of WZ codes here .

Condition Content

How do I create new content for operation?
New content can be created under IP2C | Condition Content. Click on add newto create any content. You can use all existing blocks provided by WordPress for this purpose.
Alternatively, you can also use the add new button in a condition to create new content.
Can I save several blocks in one condition content?
Yes You can add as much content as you like to a condition content block. These are then inserted in the exact form at the corresponding position on the page.
Will my content be deleted if I update the plugin?
No, all content is retained when updating the plug-in.
Can I duplicate condition content?
Yes, simply select the duplicate function from the respective row.
Why is my condition content not displayed in the condition?
You have probably just created content and have not yet updated the list in the condition. Please click on the “Update content list” button.