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Including and excluding

By setting include and exclude, you can determine whether a filter should exclude the respective data from the statistics or only restrict it to this filtered data.

When should I set a filter to “Exclude”?

If you want to display data and only want to exclude a certain part of the total quantity from the display. For example, you want to see all data except for visitors who have already filled out a contact form or accessed a career page as an entry page.

How do I set a filter rule to “Exclude”?

At the top of a filter rule, you can specify whether the rule should include or exclude the data from the display.

Exclude filter rule

When do I use “Include” and when do I use “Exclude”?

If possible, we recommend working primarily with the “Include” setting. Especially when combining several rules, which may also be linked with AND or OR, it can quickly become difficult to understand which data is excluded from the display.

For example, instead of excluding all visits that are flagged as Uninteresting, Partner, Supplier, Applicant, Competitor or University, you can create a filter that only shows companies that are not yet flagged. (Filter rule not selected)

If you want to include and exclude several rules, it is much clearer to work with containers and exclude them!