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Display LeadLab data in Google Lookerstudio

If you work with Lookerstudio from Google and want to retrieve the data from LeadLab there, then this works very simply via API feed from LeadLab.

As a first step, please contact our support team so that we can set up access to the API feed and the configuration in LeadLab for you. To enable you to retrieve the data in Google Lookerstudion, we provide a Google Spreadsheet for your Google Account User. Please let us know your Google User Account.

Please note the following steps which are necessary to connect the received spreadsheet with your Looker Studio:

Log in to your Looker Studio Google account online and select the option to add a blank report > and then select Add Google Sheets

Here, under All Items or Shared with me , select the spreadsheet we have shared with you and choose one of the 5 readings you see there, as you can get up to 5 readings with API Feed. For this example, we have used the company name.

If you click on Add new, a new message appears in which you must confirm that you want to create a new report. The data will then look like the following

You can then display the data in various tables and diagrams as you need them for your daily work.