With our new Leadpool module, you receive new sales opportunities with fresh B2B lookalikes directly in LeadLab every week.

Leadpool delivers companies that may never have visited your website, but are ideal candidates for your outreach activities because they have exactly the characteristics that make up your target group.

According to your settings, these B2B lookalikes refer to companies that our AI identifies as interesting business partners for you based on similarities in their characteristics or interests with your existing customers or target groups.

You can test the new configuration in January 2024 with 10 leads per week, from February you will receive 25 new leads every week – companies that you can customize according to your individual criteria:

  • Industry
  • Company size
  • Turnover
  • Country

The update always takes place from Sunday to Monday.

You will find Leadpool in the Companies section and can use it after you have clicked on Activate.

After activation, a new window will open – or, if you have already activated Leadpool, click on Configuration in the top right-hand corner. There you can now set your preferences on the basis of which you would like to receive your lookalike leads.

Example for setting up your personal configuration:

And here is the list of how the lookalike leads are displayed each week with different companies

Leadpool is happy to provide more leads on request. Simply contact our support team.